Our Organization

Patient-centered care focuses on understanding patient preferences, managing symptoms to the level of comfort desired by the patient and attempting to reduce the burden of illness on the patient and their family.

Board of Directors

  • Sarah J. Goodlin MD (President)
    A geriatrician and palliative care physician working in Portland Oregon.
  • Brendan Garlinghouse MBA (Treasurer)
    A business analyst and forecaster
  • R.William Mackie MD (Secretary)
    A retired cardiologist in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Leslie P. Francis PhD, JD (Director)
    Professor and Chair of Philosophy and Alfred C. Emery Professor of Law, University of Utah. She has a long career in health care ethics and law.
  • Michelle Anderson RNMS (Director)
    A nurse and executive working in home health and technology
  • Sam Davis (Director)
    Owner of Managing Home Care INC in Salt Lake City, UT